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The official wikia page for the short adventure film Gold Rush.

About the film

Gold Rush is a short film written, directed, and produced by young filmmaker Kaiser Tangso. Released in 2012, it tells the story of two young brothers, Michael and Billie, who live apart from each other and are brought together one weekend to the historic town of Whipstick Gully. Here Billie tells his enthusiastic younger brother the tale of Whipstick Will and his lost gold. Sparked by this enthralling myth, Michael sets out to cure his boredom by venturing off to uncover Will's gold, to the annoyance of his older brother. What unfolds is a fast-paced, fool-hardy, puzzle-solving adventure where the two brothers must learn to get along with each other, while in the process revealing a long forgotten secret...


Gold Rush - Trailer (2013)

Gold Rush - Trailer (2013)



Alex de Vos as Michael

Uisce Dazeley as Billie

Key Crew

Writer, Director, Producer - Kaiser Tangso

Director of Photography - Marty O'Brien

Production Design - Heather Dynon

Editor - Kaiser Tangso

Sound Design - Kaiser Tangso

1st Assistant Director - Alene Tan, Stephanie Clark

Behind the Scenes



Arri Alexa

The film was shot on the Arri Alexa in HD 1920x1080 resolution at 25 fps. Director of Photography Marty O'Brien was assisted by Bradley Andrew.


The film was edited in Final Cut Pro 7 using the ApplePro Res 4444 codec, ensuring the highest possible quality. Editing was done by Kaiser Tangso.

Sound Design

IMG 1445

Sound mixing setup

Once the edit had been picture locked, the audio was taken into ProTools 10 to begin working on the sound design and mix. Sound design and mixing was done by Kaiser Tangso.

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The filmmaker can be contacted via:

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